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Database Management System (DBMS) is based on a set of programs that allow you to store alter and extract the information you want from a particular database. As anyone even slightly conversant with the world of IT solutions would know, database technology is so specialized and complex that it is not possible for any lay person to install, configure, manage or optimize all its potential to any acceptable degree. Being able to do so would require a very well grounded knowledge of the area, honed by experience and constant upgrading to keep up with the inherent dynamism of database management. Added to this is the fact that setting up a good database management team entails a fair amount of time, risk and money, which most companies do not wish to invest in unless it is their core business. At Tajuk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we not only possess the required qualifications in the field, we also offer a range of associated services to our clients to help them manage their existent database technologies better and in a more professional manner.

The team at TTPL offers database management services to our clients in a highly skilled and competent manner. Laying an emphasis on the core areas of reliability, availability, high quality and consistent technological soundness we provide you with our services for databases like Informix, MS-Access, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, and Postgres SQL. With a an assurance of no database downtime, these facilities are made available 24x7 and have the flexibility to meet the demands of a variety of different platforms and industries.

TTPL offers services spanning a wide range of vendor databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc. or both transactional as well as data-warehouse type of implementations that are run on highly complex infrastructures. We are also capable of handling servers covering a diversity of configurations and varied environments. We use proven and comprehensive tools for our monitoring purposes and offer relevant options for instances of security and protection as well as from unexpected problem-areas like disaster recovery.

The services we offer at TTPL have the leverage of being based on a deep understanding of the software and the platforms on which the concerned programming functions, as well as on a corresponding expertise of the hosting systems that are used. This reinforced technical know-how makes our services better equip to provide our clients with the best facilities possible with no scope for any kind of fallibility margin. We also provide services in database administration, trouble shooting, monitoring, capacity building, back-up and recovery, security and vendor management.

Apart from the standardized DBMS we offer our clients we also have a range of other facilities in the related areas of web designing, development and programming. Based on a comprehensive understanding of the realm of IT solutions and functioning we try and make things as easy or those who wish to get associated with us. In return for their confidence we offer them complete satisfaction, absolute professional and a higher-than-expectation delivery of desired results.