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CCTV stands for closed circuit Television. A high demand sub category in CCTV surveillance system is IP Cameras. IP cameras are quite useful for home owners and businesses to view their cameras through internet connection available through Personal computer or 3G Cell Phones. Video Surveillance has come a long way from analog CCTV system to IP.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras can produce images or recordings for surveillance purposes. IP cameras or network cameras are analogue or digital video cameras, plus an embedded video server having an IP address, capable of streaming the video.

Our Surveillance solutions are been used for commercial applications that require recording with one or more network IP cameras or traditional analog CCTV cameras connected to a surveillance computer. Our Surveillance Products are the best security solution for both commercial and private sectors.

IP-Surveillance is the ultimate solution for a high performance and economical digital Video Surveillance and monitoring. We offer end-to-end video surveillance solutions from conventional analog camera based solutions to high-end IP camera based surveillance.


Corporate and Government Offices

Many Corporate and Government Office uses CCTV cameras for Surveillance at reception areas, conference and board meetings rooms and for video conferencing


We installs CCTV cameras in Hotels, restaurants, guest houses, resorts, spa, Water Park, wine bars & liquor houses, dance clubs, motels, cafes [cafeteria], night clubs, public houses, pubs, casinos, snooker houses, gaming zone.


Many education institutions purchase CCTV security systems for their School, colleges, university, institutions, hostels, library, science laboratory, tuition classes, public art picture gallery, auditorium, university hall, examination halls etc.


Many Hospitals, clinics, dispensary, sports complexes, health club, gymnasium, yoga centers, aerobic centers, meditation centers, and pathology laboratories prefer CCTV camera security systems for their assets.


We have many clients from Banking Industry where we have installed CCTV camera security systems and they avail support services from us. CCTV cameras are used in ATMs and strong rooms.


You can see our CCTV security systems running in Multiplex movie theatre & complex, cinema scope, public hall.

Retail Sector

Majority of industries now focus on their supply chain management and that’s why they have their retail chains. They prefer CCTV camera products for their Departmental store, Shopping malls, hypermarket, supermarket, chain stores etc.

Gems and Jewellery

Merchants in jewelry industry prefer to purchase CCTV security systems for their Jewelry store or mall and for small jewelry shop.

Religious Places

Many religious entities prefer CCTV security products e.g. Temples, convent, ashram, mosque, church, gurudwara etc.

Residential Sector

People who feel intense need of security for their personal assets like Bungalows, villa, home, farm house, flat [apartment] can install CCTV video camera security systems. They are also used in Palaces and Large Forts.

Manufacturing sector

Many companies of various industries prefer CCTV video camera system for security purpose. They have vast network of their Factories, Plant, building, corporate house, office, flats, township, warehouse, server room or MIS centers, Research and Development center [R & D center], Training centers, conference room, canteen, security gate, cabin, chamber, store room, exhibition hall. They want to make their security systems synchronized and that’s why they go for security surveillance systems with the help of CCTV video camera system. They have capable CCTV control command center which scrutinize each activity of people and goods movement in various locations of their facilities.